The first impression

When you arrive at a hotel, you often encounter a decor and lighting
that makes the guest say WOW! It can be anything from a Morris Mascot
– mounted on the wall to large beautiful light installations, fountains, works
of art and more.

In the chosen solution, the reception is located in a high-ceilinged room, where a solution has been designed with a number of small Padova pendants. They create a connection between the function and the rest of the room and at the same time the installation also helps to guide the guest towards the reception.

Hotel rooms

The hotel room has many functions spread over a few square meters.

In the picture shown, the bathroom is mounted with glass walls to optimize the feeling of space.
The light is a very crucial element to make the device work optimally. Multiple ignitions as well as
the possibility of dimming are important parameters in the planning.

The lighting concept should consist of indirect, diffuse and directional light, which allows the guest to stage the room according to mood and needs.

Lounge Hotel room Conference room Restaurant

Restaurants & Bar

Lounge and restaurant areas are the heart of the hotel, where guests typically spend many hours.

It is obvious that the lighting creates atmosphere and highlights the architecture and decor both indoors & outdoors.

Since 2005, CDN has delivered lighting concepts to over 2300 hotels.

Highlight your beverage

Wellness areas

In the wellness department, the feeling of relaxtion must enter immediately. Peace and quiet after a hard days work are one of the best way of restitute .

Spa areas are found in many hotels, which guests can use during their stay.

In the lighting, there must be a focus on avoiding glare, as well as creating a varied lighting with light and shadow, for the best possible experience and atmosphere.

In the selected example, the special luminaire Enna is used to illuminate the columns. The advantage of this luminaire is that it is mounted on the floor. It provides a much easier installation as opposed to luminaires that need to be recessed.

It is also advantageous to work with luminaires below the waterline in the associated baths and pools, as a nice effect occurs when the light is reflected in the water.