Museum lights

Mayalit is a innovative museum lighting brand! Not only to understand the light, but also the culture.

In the ancient and mysterious Mayan Civilization, there is refined calculation wisdom. Based on the worship of Helios, maya people created the gorgeous culture. Indeed, the culture continues and is developed by intergenerational succession. Especially, museum is one of the most important carrier for cultural inheritance and of course , it’s necessary to be equipped with a nice light environment, to make modern people have the best visiting experience and feel the historical context & development of culture.

The brand inspiration of Mayalit came from Mayan Civilization and this brand keeps on pursuing the accurate light control, through refined lighting fixture design. The whole series of Mayalit are aimed at the high-end museum lighting application,

The product range covers track-mounted spot light / showcase light / wallwasher and other lighting applications for museums. The light can be with or without DALI dimmable solutions. A variety of power range and beam angle are available, for lighting application choice, based on different heights and items on display. By offering ultimate lighting, Mayalit is aimed to fully display the beauty of history and arts, and let the vistors feel the cultural inheritance.


Illuminate a display case

To give the visitors, the best possible experience of the museum objects, it is incredibly important to illuminate the small and big things, and thus help to draw guests to the exciting exhibition displays and ensure that the museum guests get all the details.

Here, the right lighting plays an especially important role, because in addition to show the right colour rendering, it must also illuminate exactly what the eye must capture, without the fixture are taking up space in the display cases.

Focus the light on the objects

Illuminate an object

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