Office lights

What does this mean?: 7+1+8+1+7 = 24

7 hours is sleep
1 hour is transport / deliver the children in kindergarden

8 hours is work
(We use 1/3 of our life at work)

1 hour is transport / shopping etc.
7 hours is freetime

Therefor it is very important, that the office light is correct with no glare, the right light output.

Meeting rooms

We often spend many hours in a meeting room during a working day.
The light in the meeting room must be able to be adapted to the AV equipment, be able to be dimmed and have the correct Ra value. The color rendering are also be important – if you e.g. are holding a product commitee meeting,  you must see the right colours of the products.

Office cafe

Get the best out of the office hours

Do you get this feeling at the office?

Then the reason may be the lighting.

Get advice from our lighting consultants, as we are very focused on lighting for the office, both in connection with new construction and renovation.

And we will gladly come by with a salesbag and show some of the opportunities we have to help with the office lighting.

Home office

Lighting at home is just as important as in the office. By adding the right light to your workplace at home, you avoid inconveniences such as headaches and sitting and narrowing your eyes.  Many people are at the moment spending many hours working at home.

Creativity at the main entrance

When your customer arrive to the office building, you must give them the very best impression and guide them towards the main door. Use outdoor light to guide them.

They should remember you when they arrive and leave again after the meeting, and hopefully tell you about the possibilities that the creative use of light in an office building can do for employees and customers. That is why light both inside and outside is important.