Outdoor lights

Stay a bit longer outside by using a the right outdoor lighting.

The human nature is always seeking the outdoor. Especially after the winter  – we want to use the possiblities of getting outside. We are looking forward to  enjoy outdoor activities and stay outside a little bit longer in the evening and by adding the right light to the night – you can create an atmosphere to attract customers or friends to stay a little bit longer.

Enjoy your dinner and wine at the Livorno floorlamps cosy light. Use it through out the evening and night . You can dim it and easly move it around for the best position and light distribution. Light is important to create the right atmosphere at the restaurant, hotel, café or at the private residence.

Outdoor lighting has many task to do.

  • It can make us safe – when lighting up areas as streets, building and residential areas
  • It can guide us towards an public building
  • It can attract customers to the shop, by using the right facade light
  • It can give the hotels the right mood and welcome them in all the outside areas. Maybe the guest will stay a little bit longer in the restaurant or lounge bar in the outside areas

The light of nature

The sun is the biggest lightsource we have.

The four seasons, has different and fantastic light output.

The sun are the inspiration for us to create the right mood with artificial light.

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Light through darkness

Illuminate the facade

In the dark times, architecture, design and building details disappear. There’s nothing more sad than a dark building, is there? The product Sicilia, is a power luminaire for illuminating facade elements, such as window niches and vaults.

The entrance is an important part of the building. With the right light, we must lead people towards the entrance, safely and securely without being dazzled.

Highlight the building, with light in the dark time. Maybe in colors?

Create effect or drama on the building by using profile luminaires with RGB-W, which can generate more than 16 million colours.