The right light

Is the design and quality of the light important for how a showroom, department store, shopping mall or a retail shop looks and what message they sent? We mean it is…

We know the the importance and the many factors that are in play to make the very best of interior design, regards the right light for the retail area and how to avoid the classic mistakes.

Lighting plan

Avoid glare from the beginning.

Make a lighting plan, where you take the below into consideration:

  • A custom interior design plan
  • The architecture
  • Glare-free installation
  • Optimal color rendering

Retail shops

Colour rendering

Set the scene Set the scene Set the scene Set the scene

Illuminate shop modules

To give your customer, the best possible experience of the goods in display, it is incredibly important to illuminate the small and big product, you have for sale, and thus help to draw client towards shop displays and ensure that the colour and details on the products are correct illuminated.

Here, the right lighting plays an especially important role, because in addition to show the right colour rendering, it must also illuminate exactly what the eye must capture of the small details of your products, without the fixture are taking up space in the shop modules.

Café, Restuarants & Bars

Light connect people!
When you enter a place to drink and eat with friends, family or business. One of the first things you will see are the light. Because this will guide you towards the waiter or table. And light are thing that adds the right light to create a cosy and relaxed stay.  And that regards to the outside and inside of the place.