As global business and trade become more developed, the hotel industry is experiencing rapid growth. Lighting plays a vital role in enhancing the hotel space experience. CDN Lighting uses the color temperature, angle, and light color of the light source to combine the hotel lighting fixtures of CDN to correctly represent the architectural design, creativity, and style of the hotel space, creating a comfortable, safe and warm living environment.

Fuling Jianye Huamandi Hot Spring Hotel is the first self-operated boutique hot spring resort hotel built by Jianye Group. CDN Lighting teamed up with CDN Design to meet the Jianye Group’s concept of “loving the body and mind, living in a comfortable place,” using light and shadow to paint the art space, let the passengers get close to nature and experience the charm of light and shadow.

Fuling Jianye Huamandi Hot Spring Hotel (now referred to as Huamandi Hotel) locates in Fuling, Xuchang, Henan. Since ancient times, Xuchang, Henan Province, which is known as the “Central Plains,” is the area where the Three Kingdoms hegemony fights for hegemony. Fuling is known as the “land of flowers and trees.” The flowers of the north and the south are gathered together. The flowers and trees are flourishing, and there are abundant natural resources of hot springs. The hotel aims to revel in the mountains and waters, blending natural elements and providing travelers with a calm and relaxing place.

Designed by internationally renowned architects and Samui Six Senses designer Amata Luphaiboon, the hotel is designed to provide hotel lighting design.

There are 51 rooms in the first phase of the hotel, with an all-day dining restaurant, Chinese restaurant, lobby bar, indoor and outdoor hot springs and pools, spa, gym, and other facilities. There is also a banquet hall and indoor and outdoor space for various events.

Ambilight – Exterior

When there is light, the four transparent ‘glass rooms’ will present different colors, giving visitors an exciting and colorful sensory experience, echoing the blossoming colors of the “land of flowers and trees” and showing their unique style.

“General hotels are built with the pursuit of quality and luxury, but I hope that visitors will see another kind of surprise. Fuling has been a land of flowers and trees since ancient times, flowers are blooming and blooming, and the colors of flowers should belong to Here,” said the chief designer Amata Luphaiboon.

Fuling Jianye Huamandi Hot Spring Hotel, the use of water elements is everywhere, the indoor and outdoor, solidification and mobile phase are connected in series, the mirror lake and the outdoor hot spring soup pool are integrated into one, and the mist brought by the hot springs hangs over the lake. It softens the outline of the building and visually creates the beauty of the wonderland. As if you are in it, it is outside the dust mites.

At night, the glass façade under the lights is full of splendor and colorful, and the reflection of the mirror lake built by the hotel complements each other, which is exceptionally charming. The warm light strips on the viewing terrace are romantic and unconventional; the tree-shaped art lamps on the lake are exquisite and spiritual; the spotlights in the public aisle area are bright and very humanistic.

Light and Shadow Art – Lobby

The object of the fog, water, and flowers can be seen everywhere in the lobby. The simple way is to integrate the space with the pursuit of tranquility: elegance and indifference. The ceiling is suspended from top to bottom with a 40-meter-wide, 3-meter-high, 5-meter-long crystal art installation, which is the first impression of the visitors. Acrylic crystals are reflected by light, and the texture is crystal clear. It is like a drop of atomized drops, which is a reflection of the Fuling hot spring smoke.

Besides, those fleeting natural images—flowers, water, fog, light, clouds, etc.—are also cleverly fixed, transformed into an interior space design, supplemented by lighting that turns into a uniquely shaped art fixture. The hotel is naturally artistic. The pure white tones of the lobby decorate the comfort of the light and the architectural space, just like the MIST’s understanding of life: the details are exquisite but not exaggerated; the service is meticulous but not disturbing.

Cloud and Light – All Day Restaurant

Building B is mainly made up of full-time restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and guest rooms. Space is full of ‘cloud’ and ‘light.’ The installation is complemented by lighting to create a strong visual impact. Unique taste.

The all-day dining restaurant in Wuzhong has a stunning lake view, and guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the lake. When the light is on, not only the dining table is highlighted, but also the curved shape of the cloud-shaped decoration is inadvertently faded. At the same time, the crystal-shaped glass art decoration is crystal-clear and gives the passenger a beautiful dining light art experience.

The beauty of tranquility – Corridor

The hallway connecting the rooms is mainly black, and the west side of the corridor is embedded with the CDN highlight strips. The water-drop-like decorations are crystal-clear under the reflection of the light, which is very artistic. The warm glow is dotted with the background wall of the plaid, and the linear light perfectly fits the overall space, which enhances the visual extension of the corridor and provides the guiding direction for the passengers. The extensive background environment of dark tones creates a sense of anticipation and mystery for the passengers.

Natural Light – Room

The hotel has a total of 51 comfortable rooms, chic, minimalist, elegant scenery, floor-to-ceiling windows that can be seen everywhere in the wood-colored rooms, subtly extrapolating the natural light, natural light through the stained glass façade, transformed into a romantic color projection room every place, Let passengers feel the circulation and replacement of natural time and space in the indoor space. This kind of reconciliation contains the vitality of nature and is in stark contrast to the styles people have become accustomed to in the city.

When the time comes, the natural light fades away, and the artificial light interprets the art of light and shadow. The rooms are decorated with CDN’s custom-made highlight strips, which are in keeping with the clean and simple style of the rooms. The walls and interior spaces are painted by diffuse light, reflecting the modern minimalist sense of the places. CDN LED strip adopts a hidden light slot device to achieve indirect lighting effect, with 2700k warm color soft and comfortable warm light, matched with lighting and art lighting, highlighting the cozy space.

The whole room adopts the form of no main lamp, and the embedded downlight and spotlight are used as the primary light source. The CDN MR16 module light source illuminates the ceiling and the high-efficiency 7W module and ultra-thin lens supply sufficient illumination. The living room uses Bach III series hotel spotlights, precise light control, evenly brightens the decorations, highlighting the details and texture. When meeting the needs of the multi-angle illumination of the guest room, it creates a sense of space and lightness to enhance the natural and comfortable atmosphere of the hotel, allowing the passengers to enjoy the excellent living experience in the change of light and shadow.

Dreamlike – Ballroom

The Hua Mandi Hotel Ballroom locates in the C building area, which decorates with acrylic crystals of the ceiling, like a blossoming cloud hanging from the sky. The use of gradable lighting, combined with the unique color-absorbing color characteristics of acrylic crystals, enables a variety of light mode switching, giving guests a dazzling and colorful light show. If you look down, you can see the sky prototype formed by the interaction of light and shadow. This kind of reconciliation contains the vitality of nature and is in stark contrast with the style that people have become accustomed to in the city. The wall washers on both sides evenly wash the wall to increase the depth and three-dimensionality of the space. At the same time, the warm light and the atmosphere of the banquet hall are combined to create a great and luxurious atmosphere.

Imitation of nature, with the charm of light and shadow, Huamandi Hotel is such a high-end resort hotel that integrates quality, tranquility, and casualness, just as Li Lin, vice president of Jianye Residential Group, said, “One can experience The place of all senses.”

Product List – CDN Lighting

The lighting products used in this case are all custom-made products of Fuling Jianye Huamandi Hot Spring Hotel. The hotel lighting recommended the use of CDN “Bach III” series hotel downlights, LED highlight strips, and MR16 module light source.

Bach III Series Hotel Downlight

1. High-quality craftsmanship won the IF Industrial Design Award

2, CREE light source, the quality is stable; the most extended life can reach 50,000 hours

3. High color rendering index Ra≥90, R9≥95, SDCM≤3

4, Carefully designed black light reflector, UGR ≤ 15, visual comfort, no glare

5, Patent lens, breakthrough optical optimization, accurate light distribution, even transition

6, Thyristor and 0-10V two dimming methods

LED high light strip

1, Using Sanan high display, highlight 2835 chip, a variety of color temperature selection, Ra≥ 90, R9≥ 50
2, The use of a cable and LED organic technology combination
3, Efficient thermal management technology, 5000 hours light decay less than 5%
4, Using cable programming technology, the lamp belt is solid, not easy to break
5, IP65 protection level

MR16 module LED

1, Using CREE high index COB chip, a variety of color temperature selection, Ra> 90
2, Using the ultra-thin lens, precise light control, beam angle 10 ° / 24 ° / 36 °, to meet multi-angle needs
3, The product is divided into two categories, dimming, and non-dimming, to achieve more needs
4, The drive uses constant current output, with overcurrent, overvoltage, lightning, high-temperature protection

Wyndham Hotel Group is currently the world’s largest hotel group (based on the number of hotels). As the world’s leading hotel brand franchisee and hotel management service provider, Wyndham Hotel Group operates nearly 8,000 hotels in approximately 75 countries with approximately 689,800 rooms. Its hotel brands include Wyndham Grand Hotel, Wyndham Hotel & Resort, Wyndham Hotel, Wyndham Hotel, Ramada Hotel, Howard Johnson Hotel and more.

In cooperation with Wyndham Hotel Group, Seaton Lighting has been adhering to the craftsmanship spirit of “Designing Masterpieces for Masterpieces” in the products and services provided by Xiamen Runfeng Jixiang Wyndham Hotel, and has an insight into the tiniest details of demand. Each step of the control product, with a subtle and comfortable light environment and meticulous service, creates a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, aiming to create a personalized luxury experience for the new generation of wise travelers.

1/4 lobby

As a beautiful sea garden city, Xiamen is built by water, and the hotel’s space decoration design uses water elements throughout the theme. At the entrance of the hotel is a water-themed sculpture that combines the tender beauty of water with the infinite tension of water. Stepping into the lobby, the crystal chandeliers are star-studded, and the blue fish are scattered among the stars. Surprisingly, under the fish school, the huge blue whale of the Ocean King is suspended in the lobby. The starlight is scattered on the back of the smooth metal whale. It is like a glimpse of the vast sea of stars, full of grandeur, showing the luxurious style of Wyndham Grand Hotel.

Inspired by splashing water waves, the lobby’s front wall is framed by a splash of grey marble wall. The artistic style and the use of metal materials, at the moment, under the light of the lamp belt and the wall-washing lights, it presents a beautiful light and shadow effect, like a splash of ink, or a flying silver snake, with the spirit of water Deducted the beauty of art. The ceiling light portrays the details and texture of the grille screen on the left, which perfectly displays the Chinese classical charm.

2/4 room

The hotel has 291 rooms and a unique five-star hotel in Xiamen with an outdoor heated infinity landscape pool. The room lights with floodlights outline the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. Through the glass, you can enjoy the 180-degree open city view, look at the sea and meet the drunken coastline. The warm light of the ceiling lamp in the room maps the photo frame and bed ornament on the wall, with the blue and white carpet, and the lighting design of the two lanterns on the bedside. In the fresh and elegant space, there is a more comfortable and close to nature.

3/4 restaurant

The hotel’s Runxiang Chinese Restaurant is located on the second floor, and the exterior of the Chinese restaurant features black marble. LED strips with 1.5m spacing are vertically placed on the wall, and the restaurant LOGO is placed in it to create the charm of ancient Chinese calligraphy. The Chinese restaurant is opposite to the Japanese cuisine, and the wall is also equipped with vertical lights. The difference is that the bamboo forest, sand dunes, moss, stone tower and other natural landscapes have been moved here. Space design is an art that combines soft and hard decoration. The light plays an indispensable role here. The hidden light strips of the ceiling and the lighting effects created by the spotlights are all unique to the oriental classical beauty of the space. .

The space design of the VIP restaurant in the Chinese restaurant is inspired by traditional Chinese screens and classic landscape paintings. The lamp outlines the ceiling, and the delicate petal-shaped LED lights, such as inverted flower trees, beautiful shapes and warm colors exude a strong artistic appeal. The photo frames and ink paintings on the wall are evenly washed by the spotlights, showing the charm of traditional Chinese art. Runxiang Chinese Restaurant menu is based on classic and elegant Cantonese cuisine, with delicious leeks, creating an ideal private dining environment for party banquets and business banquets.

4/4 Ballroom

The hotel has nearly 2,000 square meters of banquet and meeting space, including a 910 square meter pillarless Grand Ballroom. Ceiling lights are the standard for the hotel to create a luxurious style. The banquet hall is like the irregular chandelier of the Milky Way Nebula, giving a stunning feeling. The evenly distributed ceiling light enhances the light environment of the entire space, and the basic lighting and the accent lighting complement each other to create a rich layered effect. The stars are dotted in the infinite Milky Way, attracting people into a wonderful journey of exploring the stars and exploring the universe.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Xiamen Runfeng is in honor of the arrival of the BRIC meeting and the arrival of Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Indigenous language services have been added to public areas such as the hotel reception, restaurants, elevators, etc., and Indian hospitality staff has been deployed. These meticulous services, as well as the beautiful and perfect environment and facilities, were well received by Prime Minister Modi.

The W Hotel is the representative of the most modern and luxurious hotels in the world. Every W hotel is unique and culture is an indispensable soul. Xidun Lighting fits into the brand concept of “Lifestyle” of W Hotel, and uses the excellent and precise lighting to express the unique local culture of Suzhou W Hotel. The art tells the history and carries the culture with the light, bringing a unique experience for the passengers.

1/2 case overview

City Landmark – Suzhou W Hotel

W Hotels is a high-end five-star hotel of Starwood Hotels & Resorts International Group, the world’s busiest city, home to W Hotels, and every city you enter will become a city landmark. W Hotel Suzhou is the eighth in China.

The W hotel in each city is famous for its exquisite luxury. The W Hotel in Suzhou is not inferior. W Hotel Suzhou is located in the center of Suzhou, Suzhou Industrial Park, next to Jinji Lake. Suzhou is known as the “Venice of the East”. The W Hotel, inspired by Suzhou gardens, brings together the iconic international frontier fashion style, Suzhou’s profound historical and cultural heritage, and the dynamic and lively atmosphere of the combination. Jinji Lake, shines in the city of Gusu.

2/2 Solution – Bring culture to the light and bring a sophisticated experience


The lobby is designed with starlight and futuristic, dynamic bar and streamlined furniture, suspended like a suspension on the ground, surrounded by crystal clouds. Looking from the bottom corner, the layout is high and low, with a stylish futuristic.

The top is equipped with the IF Industrial Design Award – Bach III series high-end hotel downlights to provide basic lighting for the lobby. The Bach III series is beautiful in appearance and exquisite in craftsmanship. It has many breakthrough optical optimizations. It is more accurate and efficient with light distribution at the same power. Even if it is up to 10 meters, it can ensure sufficient illumination on the ground. Bright and excellent lighting makes the lobby temperament extraordinary. The high-pitched space cleverly uses a lot of metal elements, and the sparkling metal piece is under the warm light of the chandelier. It is as dreamy and sparkling, creating a sparkling effect in the spacious hall.

Guest room

The W Hotel Suzhou has a total of 379 rooms and suites, each of which is extremely refined and has 60 serviced apartments. The rooms express different cultural emotions in different shades. The round LED lights on the walls emit a faint green light, which is sprinkled on the ancient Susie on the bed. It is like “a round of moonlight”, a song No words, only the scene of Jiang Xinqiu Yuebai “appears in front of you. The TV wall painted with bamboo background and the emerald green bed flag are the oriental charm of ancient Suzhou.

The top of the ceiling uses the Bach “LINE” series of light strips, combined with the indirect lighting of the ceiling trough, which outlines the contour of the ceiling, enriching and beautifying the wide area of space. The large floor-to-ceiling windows of the room will not obscure the view. The glittering Jinji Lake and Suzhou night view are all in the list.


The flagship restaurant on the 4th floor of the hotel has the theme of Su embroidery as the whole design and selection. The floor-to-ceiling windows are designed to look out over the entire Lake East panorama, adding a touch of detail to the dining environment.

The small mosaic of LED lights is combined into an irregular pattern, from far to near, simple geometry and simple warm light, allowing passengers to enjoy the food while immersing in the warm environment. The wooden grille screen on the wall is outlined by the Bach “LINE” series of lamps. The old Suzhou style is perfectly displayed. The chic lighting makes the overall space in the oriental atmosphere.


The hotel has a number of banquet halls to meet the needs of different types of meetings. The multi-functional banquet hall is designed with the theme of Su embroidery, and the bright red color reflects the oriental classics and luxury. The large round light trough of the small sky is like the bright moon in the Red Sea. Through the light “engraving” the moon, the details and textures are clearly portrayed to create a dazzling effect. The neatly arranged Bach III series downlights provide full illumination for the space, and the texture of the wall and carpet is easy to see, making the space look luxurious and luxurious.


Fitness has become a part of people’s lives and has become a necessity. The gym has long been a standard for five-star hotels. The gym at Suzhou W Hotel is dominated by warm, bright red, and rows of sports equipment lined up along the floor-to-ceiling windows. The Bach III series downlights provide basic illumination for the interior. The Bach III series uses high-display chips with a color rendering index of Ra ≥ 90, and the light color performance is easy. The color of the red ground is highly restored under the illumination of the light, which gives the indoor environment a radiant atmosphere. Under the subconscious, it promotes the blood circulation of the athletes and accelerates the perspiration, allowing the passengers to enjoy the nighttime enjoyment of the lake. Movement process.

The Sofitel Hotel is a hotel brand of the prestigious multinational hotel group, AccorHotels Group, the only French luxury hotel brand in the world. The Sofitel Kunming is another boutique of the Sofitel brand in China, and Sidon Lighting is the lighting provider for the hotel.

Sofitel Kunming is located on the 27th to 52nd floors of Kunming Steel Technology Building, with 400 rooms and suites, a multi-functional advanced video conferencing system, all-day dining restaurant, bar, spa, fitness center, etc. . The whole hotel adopts the French romantic atmosphere and the design of Yunnan national festivals. It has luxuriously decorated guest rooms, a hotel lobby with the characteristics of the Lamu Drum Festival, a banquet hall with a torch-like festival, etc., which allows people to experience the French romantic style. Feel the national customs of Yunnan ethnic minorities.

Changzhou Marriott Hotel is located in the 37-47th floor of Changzhou Modern Media Center, the tallest building in the vibrant city of Changzhou. It is an international five-star hotel managed by Changzhou Guangdian Real Estate Co., Ltd. and managed by Marriott International Hotel Management Company. There are 268 modern and elegant “sky rooms” with a total area of over 1600 square meters. The hotel has three different styles of Chinese, Western and Italian restaurants, creating an unparalleled experience for the residents.

Through the planning and design of various areas of the hotel, Seaton achieves a perfect combination of function and artistry, and achieves better energy-saving effects through the switching of different lighting scenes.

Chongqing Marriott Hotel is managed by Marriott International Group and invested by Chongqing Guorui Holding Group. Located at the new landmark Guorui Center in Nanbin Road, Chongqing, the 314 elegantly designed guest rooms and suites are located on the 30th to 49th floors, above the clouds, with the city skyline and beautiful views of the mountains and towns.

The hotel opened its doors in September 2015. Just two months after its opening, it won three awards including “2015 Hotel Award”, “Best New Hotel” and “Best Business Meeting Hotel”. With such a strong strength, what is worth tasting? In addition to advanced facilities and excellent Marriott services, the charm of light and shadow is also a highlight. The hotel lighting design is completed by Shanghai Shiyan Lighting Design Co., Ltd., which is good at integrating international lighting design and concepts with China’s unique humanities to create an advanced lighting design with local humanistic concepts. Seaton Lighting is the hotel’s lighting provider.

Interior Design: YAC Yang Bangsheng Hotel Design Consultant
Hong Kong JV Weijie Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Lighting design: SLC·Sitron Lighting Design Consultant Co., Ltd.
Lighting Design Director: Yang Bin
Lighting master design: Deng Jinwen Xiao Pengju

Intercontinental Huayang Hotel is a brand new high-end international brand of InterContinental Hotels Group. It is the first international luxury hotel in Yangjiang. It is one of the “Best Expected Hotels” of “New Travel” magazine in 2014. With a unique geographical location, it is located on the bank of Wuhu, Jiangcheng District, Yangjiang City. It enjoys a beautiful lake and mountains, and it is a beautiful southern country. Inspired by contemporary Chinese style, the hotel is full of oriental charm and fresh air. The concept of “being close to nature” runs through the details of the hotel, and the lighting is perfectly matched to the style of the hotel, which not only highlights the hotel’s characteristics, but also creates a romantic atmosphere that is intoxicating.

Hotel lighting design analysis:

The hotel lobby is divided into three main areas, including the foyer and lobby area, the service desk and the guest lounge area. Lighting tasks include: guiding customers’ sights, clarifying the direction of each area; creating a luxurious atmosphere, warm, warm, quiet lighting atmosphere in the lobby; functional lighting in some areas.

Foyer and lobby.

The lights are here to play a guiding role, while creating an atmosphere that is consistent with the style of the hotel.
Illuminance: At a level of 1 m above the ground, the design illumination should reach 300 lx.
Color temperature: about 3,000K. At low color temperatures, the space appears to be small, and the color temperature is too high, which lacks intimacy.
Color rendering: Ra > 85.

Service desk.

The reception area is the gateway to the hotel, which can complete the main reception work and form the first impression of the guests.
Illumination: 500~800lx. The higher brightness serves as a guide to guide the guests to the service desk; and at the same time meets the needs of communicating with the guests and checking in, checking out and so on.
Color temperature: 3,000K or so, consistent with the overall color temperature, emphasizing the intimate atmosphere.
Color rendering: Ra > 85.

Guest lounge area.

To provide guests with a short waiting and rest space, the brightness does not need to be too high, you can achieve energy-saving through dimming control.
Illumination: 100~200lx. Illumination is too high, people’s behavior will be unsettled; illumination is too low, and people’s behavior is too lazy.
Color temperature: about 3,000K, consistent with the overall color temperature.
Color rendering: Ra > 85.

As a business location, the hotel is very important for the control of operating expenses. We used three easy-to-control, yet immersive dimming modes to present the beauty of the lobby of the Central Chinatown Hotel.

Day mode: During the day, natural light enters the lobby to supplement the indoor illumination. The lighting in the lobby atrium area is dimmed to achieve energy saving status. With the deepening of the lobby space, the natural light effect is gradually reduced, the lighting is gradually brightened, and the illumination and the outdoor can reach a balance. status. When the guests step inside out, the lights are naturally transitional and will not be abrupt.

Night mode: At night, the lobby lighting is a continuation of the natural light during the day, which can clarify the direction of the functional areas of the lobby, even if you are not familiar with the lobby space. The foyer maintains an illumination level of 400lx, with a reception area of 600lx, a transition space of 90lx and a lobby seating area of 80lx.

Late night mode: late at night, the customer’s activities in the lobby are reduced, the hotel enters a state of energy saving, the lobby lighting is dimmed overall and some lighting circuits are turned off. The entrance hall is maintained at 100lx illumination, the reception area is 150lx, the transition space is 10lx, and the lobby lounge area is also 10lx.

The “Vivid” all-day dining restaurant provides customers with breakfast, lunch and dinner. According to the function and artistic effect of the all-day dining restaurant, the lighting method and lighting selection are different.

Gourmet display lighting: The all-day dining restaurant is buffet style, there are many open kitchen booths, and there are various art display stands, so the lighting should consider more details, such as lighting arrangements need to avoid some art, avoid shadows on food The display has an impact. The fresh sashimi display, the bottom of the ice trough can be installed with blue light with floodlights, showing cool and clear characteristics.
Open kitchen lighting: In addition to the functional lighting that the chefs operate, it is also necessary to show the customer the entire open kitchen effect, while the lighting also needs to choose waterproof spotlights. Dining area lighting: In addition to the decorative function, the lighting also needs to be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of table changes, and the lighting point needs to be 20% more than the dining table to meet the needs of the table. Light fixtures should be chosen as narrow as possible to weaken the fixture itself.

Located on the Huangpu River, the Marriott Hotel Shanghai Greenland is the new CBD center in Luwan District. Combining Riverside Park, large shopping malls and office buildings, it is an ideal place for business and leisure. The Shanghai Greenland Marriott Hotel is a 28-storey building with a total of 291 rooms (sets) of various types of rooms, including 12 river view suites that make guests unforgettable.

Sheraton Huzhou Resort Hotel is the first super five-star hotel in China. The LED night lights of the hotel have become a beautiful landscape on the south bank of Taihu Lake. The combination of the beauty of the water and the beauty of the water makes the hotel look like a bright and bright moon under the night sky. It is also like a ring of shining diamonds. It is colorful, beautiful and elegant.

Seaton Lighting has undertaken the lighting design and lighting supply of the Sheraton Huzhou Hotel, including the comprehensive lighting system in the hotel lobby, guest rooms, dining areas and other areas. Perfecting the LED lighting system not only gives the space a richer performance tension, but also makes the overall energy consumption of the building significantly lower than conventional lighting, and has a longer system life.

Owner: Wyndham Hotel Group

Address: No. 208, Ci’en East Road, Qujiang New District, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

The Wyndham Grand Hotel in Xi’an is located at the heart of Datang Ever Sleep City. The hotel is a top brand owned by Wyndham Hotel Group and the first international luxury hotel managed by the group directly under the China. The hotel is dedicated to providing guests with a unique experience with subtle and elegant design, meticulous service and a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

The architectural design of the hotel combines modern architectural art with traditional Chinese architectural culture. The combination of the traditional eaves of traditional Chinese architecture and the modern architectural style is not inconspicuous. Instead, it highlights the atmosphere, the rich and the beautiful, and the world. The interior design style follows the combination of modern and traditional Chinese elements. The main colors of red and yellow are Chinese traditional meanings. Chinese classical elements such as red lanterns and Chinese paintings are combined in this hotel space, showing Xi’an. The ancient city has a heavy sense of history and humanism.

In the lighting design, we strive to create a natural and comfortable light environment for our guests, while highlighting the features and details of the hotel design. The warm yellow light of the Seaton high-light with CEGB5050F-50 echoes the main color of the hotel, highlighting the noble. Bach series hotel downlights are widely used in different areas of the hotel due to their high-quality light effects and flexible accessories. The light and heavy lighting method, the uniform and efficient cloth light form, the harmony of warm and cold color temperature, makes guests feel relaxed and relaxed during the rest and shuttle in the hotel.

Chongqing Baobai Boutique Hotel is located in the Longhu•Times Street shopping district in Daping, Yuzhong District, Chongqing. It is a boutique hotel with a trace of Chongqing’s regional culture. It is dedicated to the humanistic care, deductive contemporary design aesthetics, and won the 2014 China Interior Design. The Grand Prix Hotel Bronze Award is the only hotel in the Southwest to receive this award.